Customized Music

Enhance your website, game, movie or presentation with customized music by Sound4Sites. We have over 25 years experience in composing music. Ranging from computerized/electronic music to live performed jazz/classical music. Our project-based music is known for it’s fast delivery and high quality!

Since 1987 we have been composing music on several platforms. We composed music for several games and presentations on the Commodore 64 machine, the Commodore Amiga, Gameboy (Advanced), XBOX and PC. For nostalgic viewers of this website: We will add a page with links to some early work.

In 2011 we started Sound4Sites as an answer to the increasing demand for customized music on websites such as Youtube, Myspace and Facebook. But we do not focus on websites alone:

If you need music with a specific touch&feel for any project: We can make it for you!

The last months we have been working on highly professional sounds.